Saturday, 14 February 2009

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India's Bloody Valentine?
As Hindu fundamentalist group Sri Ram Sena threatened to "forcibly marry" any couples apprehended smooching on "un-Indian" Valentine's Day, tbe National Panther Party gathered counter forces armed with "Back Off!" pepper spray and red chili powder to protect the young Romeos and Juliets...

Sweden Steps Up DNA Collection for Rape Cases
Sweden is responding to its low rate of prosecuting and convicting rapists by helping victims and clinicians collect DNA evidence. It's also adding street lighting, to the frowns of critics who point out that most rapes are committed indoors.

In Sarajevo, Head Scarves Uncover Generation Gap
In Sarajevo many young women are choosing to wear the headscarves that their mothers spurned. It's a provocative decision in the moderate Muslim country, where one young visiting Muslim says she feels more accepted back home in Des Moines, Iowa.

Wazzup, Jesus
Reverend Stephen Pogue's road to Jesus passed through the military and drug use before he accepted himself and came to use Hip Hop in church to reach Harlem's youth.
Swedish version (Gringo)

Suffering for sale
Photojournalists can make a killing in galleries with war photos. Should they?
Swedish version (SFoto)

HIV among New York's African immigrants
In an attempt to encourage HIV-testing among New York’s vulnerable Africans immigrants, the African Services Committee (ASC) guarantees it will not check clients’ immigration status, among other measures to encourage visits to the Harlem-based clinic.

Havoc in its wake
The Aftermath Project is a young organization whose two co-founders are as dedicated to story telling as to the artistry of photojournalism. They explain why they support photographers who understand that war is only half the story.

Nostalgic Work Prods Loss Of Artist Sister
Profile: Picking up literally where her mentally ill sister left off, Charlotte Westergren has remade a number of her sister’s pre-illness paintings and dwelves into their relationship and childhood in her fifth solo gallery show, “Ă…hus, sommaren 1974,” at Bellwether Gallery in Chelsea.

Ninety hours in darkness
Profile: The man with the Ilford 500H multi grade enlargers and access to innumerable priceless negatives, is Pablo Inirio. He has claimed the small cubic space of Magnum New York's dark room as his own since 1992, often working up to 90 hours a week.

All Grown Up
Profile: First-time author Jenny Han deals with the sometimes painful, often confusing journey from childhood to adulthood

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